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D3 + K2 V-Caps

Product Benefit / selling Points:
  • Promotes heart health
  • Essential for bone and muscle health
  • Potent Immune booster

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Unfortunately, a large percentage of the current population has Vitamin D insufficiency but low levels of Vitamin D have been associated with almost every health condition. It is especially effective in maintaining a healthy immune system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, as well as in brain and mood wellbeing.


However, taking Vitamin D on its own may have a potential downside, as it enhances the absorption of calcium, it may also increase the risk of calcification of arteries. The inclusion of 180 mcg of K2 acts as a “GPS” for calcium and directs it to the bones to promote bone density and away from arteries and other soft tissue. We use VitaMK7® which is naturally fermented without the use of chemicals to maintain its long-acting and trans-form! Vitamin K2 also has potent immune modulating properties which can be helpful in autoimmune disease and has been shown to have cancer preventive effect, making this duo a powerful synergistic combination in the face of numerous health issues. Regardless of any existing conditions, it is essential that everyone should supplement in their day to day lives.


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