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Quercetin & Boswellia

Get seasonal relief + joint comfort Support a balanced, healthy inflammatory response to ease seasonal symptoms, support a strong immune system, and keep your joints happy and healthy with Quercetin + Boswellia. 60 vegetarian capsules│30 day supply

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What It Does

  • Supports a healthy respiratory and immune system
  • Offers natural support for symptoms associated with allergies and asthma
  • Improves exercise performance
  • Promotes healthy joints

How It Works

  • Formulated with quercetin with up to 20 fold increased absorption
  • Delivers natural histamine-balancing herbs to reduce seasonal issues
  • Calms joint irritation to ease discomfort
  • Promotes normal inflammatory response to calm joints and ease discomforts


How to Take

Take two capsules daily.


Healthier Joints, Strong Immunity

Quercetin Boswellia from Mediterranean Balance helps give your joints and your immune system going strong every day. With two potent inflammatory support herbals, the formula calms common aches and discomforts, while helping reduce seasonal issues and support a healthy respiratory system.


What You Get

Quercetin: Although quercetin is a naturally potent antioxidant, it generally has low bioavailablity. That’s why we chose Quercefit®, a highly absorbable and usable form of the molecule.


Boswellia: Boswellia targets the 5-LOX pathway to provide inflammatory support.


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